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On this webpage your will find more information about our company. 

Health and Safety at Work

Our branches operate a SOS "Stop On Sight" policy - if at any time you are asked by a member of our staff to stop what you are doing please comply. We have heavy machinery, cranes and heavy goods vehicles so please always keep a safe distance and do not block the entrances to our warehouses.  

We are committed to ensuring our workplace is a healthy place.

Sharing information effectively and easily is one of the distinct advantages of working in a small team and it means we can make sure that questions our staff may have can be answered fully on a one-on-one basis. Our training methods are both theory and practical skills based to help make our team confident in the tasks and equipment they are using and therefore you have a more efficient and safe service.

We have a duty of care to our staff and this means we provide them with the correct equipment, the correct protective clothing and the correct guidance and training to allow each member of staff to work to the best of their abilities within their job role. In turn, each individual employee understands their responsibility to keep themselves and all others free from harm and to follow correct working procedures and maintain a professional attitude at all times.

Due to the nature of our work we have areas which have higher levels of risk associated with them;

·         Working with Forklifts and stock movements,

·         Warehousing,

·         All pedestrian movements,

·         Traffic Management both on and off our premises,

·         Working with machinery, and

·         Delivering Goods.

We ask that if at any point you observe unsafe working by any of our employees on or off site you please contact us so that we can make sure everyone is following health and safety guidance and goes home safe. 

Sustanability and Environment

Sustainable construction is now part of our everyday business and we encourage our staff and customers to think in a sustainable way where possible and to minimise any impact they may have on the environment. 

Many builders now use a life-cycle approach to building and will know what to order and when to call-off we at The Builders Supply Company Limited can assist you with this and we are experienced in dealing with project schedules. 

We can also help with the selection of materials, for example insulation and windows can be sourced to give the right thermal insulation, therefore reducing overall running costs making the building more sustainable. 

Quality and Sourcing

At the design stage of your project...

The Builder Supply Company Limited can help by providing you with the technical specifications for your materials and we can assist in detailing your bill of quantities. We can quote for all sizes of project and we use our network of manufacturers and suppliers to get the best value for money and lead times. 

Stocked goods...

Our warehouses are well maintained, this means our stock is kept in good condition and all dry timbers and cementatious goods are stored accordingly.  We provide a range of services including delivery which is undertaken by responsible and fully trained heavy goods drivers who are fully certified to operate a lorry loader crane. 


Sustainable timber... 

Our Company holds chain of custody certification for sustainable timber and we are very proud of our ongoing commitment to this global issue. 

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